2022 - July to October update
Server Side SDK
Mobile SDK
We have been very busy since the last update. Well it was a bit away now as well. Many great and new things were happening which we believe will bring many new and interesting features your way as well.
Needless to say there have been many changes in the way we work and in the way how things are done for you.
Here, we will outline just few of the updates.
Javascript SDK
Order of events
There was a wrong way in which events were called. Because of that, you might have received processing and processed events before the verified event fired. This was happening only for some scenarios, however still it was undesired.
With latest r41 update, this is resolved. Now events fire in all cases in expected manner:
  1. (optional) Recording events
  2. Uploading events
  3. Verified
  4. Processing events
Ad Server Support
We have started extending our previous VAST implementation, which now holds features of linear and non linear ads, pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll and more. Going forward, we plan on adding many other types of Ad Server support to our player and recorder as well.
This is including the integration with Google IMA SDK and various Kargo integrations.
Trimming error
When trimming was used on r41, it would show an error in some cases. This was resolved and updated in r41 and the same no longer happens.
Trimming and snapshots
In some cases when you would use trimming it was possible that the snapshot was captured from the part of video that was trimmed out. This has been resolved and is no longer the case. Now the snapshots will always be taken from the part of video that stays.
with or without - that is the question
There is a functionality - a function, in Javascript called
. It is useful on one side and difficult on another which made it impossible to use in strict mode. For some of our customers this was a much needed update - removing the use of
and with r41, that is exactly what happened.
We have checked the codes and updated all of the places where the same was used. This means greater support for our SDK in many different SDKs where strict mode was needed.
New type of Caching
As always we look towards how you are using our service and how some changes can benefit you the most. On small number of videos, it is very hard to notice some things however when you have million videos in one of your apps changes like this make a very large difference right away.
What this functionality is, is basically a way for you to reduce the number of video requests that are sent to our server when that is not needed. For example if you record the video on the page where you also show it through the player, the video was already there, and if possible to show it, now with caching it will not be downloaded again.
There is a bit more to it, and it is explained in finer detail here.
Mobile SDKs
There have been many updates happening on the mobile side, across all of our SDKs. Most notable changes are the new setups that allow for faster and more reliable development stages.
This was accomplished through tedious setups that test many different aspects of our SDK as soon as the code is pushed to our Github based repositories.
Updates are also made in regards to the uniforming the functionality of various SDKs. This means more features can be found in all of them and our team did its best to fill out the gaps where they were present.
They utilized the feedback like the ones you can make on in order to focus their efforts in right ways.
Server side SDKs
On some specific nodes of our Server side API, the SDKs would fail to confirm the new uploads. This has been resolved for the affected SDKs, allowing everyone to continue using them for all media types as expected.
Invoice information
In very few specific cases, the values were not shown properly in the invoice. This has been updated to properly show the values as they are charged, making it easier to read the invoices.
Analytics dashboard
In specific views of our analytics dashboard, there was an error that would not allow you to see the actual data. This has been resolved and your analytics are fully available once more
As you have likely noticed, we have made changes to our dashboard this year to make it easier to go to different pages and to share the links to some pages or media just by copy pasting the URL.
This has proven to be helpful, however it also brought some unexpected issues in some specific workflows. In this case, we found that there was an issue for Audios page where you might have been presented with a wrong page. This has been resolved and you can continue sharing the links with right page being opened for everyone with access.
Large file uploads
Up until recently up to 5GB files were possible to be uploaded. We are talking here about a single video file and its size. You could have as many of such files uploaded as you wanted though using our API. Be it at the same time or one after another it made no difference.
Now however, you are able to upload a single video file up to the size of 50GB. The implementation is done in such a way that it will be very simple for us going forward to allow single file upload of 5TB in size. So get those 4K and 8K cameras working, you now have a place to store all that quality video.
JotForm Integration
We have recently added new features to our JotForm widgets. We made the speak in different languages. They did before through our automated language detection, however now it is possible for anyone using JotForm to add their own changes to the language as well.
Next to that we have also added the fields to change what revision you are using in your JotForm. You can use stable for recorder and latest for the player or any other way you prefer.
WP Job Manager
We have made modifications to our WP Job Manager to make it responsive. It is also featuring a new option that allows you to select if you want to show separate video recorder or file uploader or if you want the well known Ziggeo single embedding that does both at the same time.
As our continuous look to improve on the things we are doing, we have been extending our internal log capture. This will help us in future to pin point where something happens (if it does) allowing us to more easily detect if some underlying system is not doing something in the expected manner.
We have also added more internal tests to help with our every day code updates and release creation.
Future updates
Our Facebook push integration has been put on hold, however still close to being finalized. While our live calls are closer than ever to bring you the new way you can use Ziggeo in your codes or on your pages.
We are however working more on the various ads integrations as well as a very cool feature called HLS which will allow to show videos in a much more optimized manner
2022 - Mid April update
There have been many interesting developments recently for us here at Ziggeo.
We have added new things, improved the existing and fixed bugs along the way. What those are - read in the rest of the text.
Snapshot Gallery
If you were using snapshot gallery (used by default) there is a small chance that you have noticed that in some specific cases the snapshots are not sized up properly. The images were there, however their aspect ratio could have been off.
This did not impact the end result, however it looked strange in the gallery preview. Well with r40 this has been fixed.
Dashboard > Videos page
Our dashboard makes it easy for you to start using Ziggeo, without the need to create your own administration screens for the same.
Recently we have made it easier for you to find a video and bookmark it - or copy and share link to it for your colleagues. This has however resulted in interesting bug that after certain changes you had to clear filter to be able to find what you were looking for.
We have released the fixes that are needed so that this no longer happens and you can enjoy going through your videos as intended.
Working with videos means working with a very diverse data streams that take space in different ways. They can be wide, very wide, or instead in super portrait mode. With that their size can also be large on disk (memory). Even then, when you think that you think you saw all variations, it happens and right there and then you find a new wrapping.
This is a very exciting thing about videos, as there are so many different things that happen within a simple video. These are things we need to think about when improving our service. We have worked on and further improved the way we are transcoding media.
Another thing that we have worked on is improving our uploading. It is now very simple to upload video of several terabytes. 5GB was not something many of you hit as your single file upload limit. Well now, you have much more space - up to 5TB of space for single file.
Lower RAM usage
You might think, that is it, there was a lot of things updated since our last update a bit over a month ago. Well, true, however there is more.
Our engineers have been busy working on the new process to help decrease the use of RAM while recording videos. This means that your trusty recorder will be able to record much longer videos.
With or without with, that is the question?
Sometimes there are things in a language that make things easier, and then they turn out to be not recommended and cause issues. One of such things is
within the JavaScript language.
It is one of the ways you can work with objects and makes some things easier. However, the use of it makes it impossible to use stricter standards. Since we needed it for IE, and e no longer support IE, it was finally time to address this.
From now on, with the release of r41, there is no more use of
Server Side SDK demos
As you know we have quite a few server side SDKs that we support. We have made the changes to them to make them more familiar across the SDKs. We have also included a very simple shell script within the same to help you run various demos.
While we know, there are more demos to be added, this is one step that will make it easy to download and test out everything. It will also make it easier to switch between different languages with ease.
Editing forms
As you know we have support into various form builders. We have extended this support to allow re-recording to be easily achievable when you are editing your forms.
Custom controls
If you ever wanted to replace our controls for choosing camera and microphone, you will like this update. We have released an option which will help you do just that.
Depending how you want to do this, there are 2 different options available for you to achieve this.
  1. HTML using
  2. JavaScript using the following new methods:
Have a a suggestion? Leave it on our feedback page: or if you have any questions, just write to our support team at and we would be happy to help :)
2022 - End of February update
Server Side SDK
Mobile SDK
Welcome everyone to another of our updates.
We hope that these bring you interesting news and that you like them. If you have any feedback for us about this, please let us know.
With that said, let us look at what we were doing.
Audio API on a server
Our SDKs have been updated to bring you our API for audio to the server side SDKs. This makes it very easy for you to use your already built uploading processes and just place Ziggeo SDK behind the scene.
You can choose from any of our server side SDKs. In case you are wondering which ones are available, here is the list:
  1. PHP SDK
  2. Python SDK
  3. Node.js SDK
  4. Ruby SDK
  5. Java SDK
  6. C# SDK
While adding our system is very simple, we understand that sometimes there is a lot of things on your plate at the moment, and that is where the server side SDKs can shine for you.
By adding them in the back to help with processing, you can still continue using your existing workflows, while we help you with the rest.
Of course, server side SDKs are great when you are also trying to do things on fly with your media.
Try it out, and let us know how you like the new Audios API.
Localplayback and processing
In some workflows it was possible that your localplayback was not really available to you. While this is normal to be the case at times, this time that was not. After moving the r39 as our new stable, we got feedback that the localplayback and some of the events were not playing that well together.
Namely while there was no error, the event did block the localplayback screen from showing up properly. Well, that is now fixed.
* Good to point out that this change is not going to be available within the r39 (current stable tag). Instead this was updated in r40 (our latest).
Push Service
We have moved to a better and more stable way of pushing videos to your integrations. The current process will allow us to do this slightly faster. In the same time, the process will be less likely to cause other push services to stall since each will be more independent from the others than before.
Storage and media handling
While this is not something you can see directly, we are quite happy to have made some changes in the way we store our files. They are still saved in the very same manner security and privacy wise. Still the new approach will offer more control and better experience, both in production and during development.
Mobile SDKs
It is not just our server side SDKs that have been updating. Our team for mobile platforms was busy with different developments.
Easiest to see are the updates to our:
  1. Flutter demo
  2. Android demo
  3. React Native demo
  4. Xamarin demo
Our mobile SDKs now feature interesting new feature - the blur. It works as fast as Flash, however it is a different kind of blur.
If you wanted to hide the background to highlight the person recording the video, well that is the type of blur that is now available.
To set it up it is as easy as
  • exact way to call it can depend on the SDK in use.
JS SDK Updates
Sometimes a server can return the error. This is expected and in many cases wanted. For example if you were about to overwrite existing video.
Now the way we sent the errors back was not always the best, sometimes resulting in you seeing 500 (server error) while in fact that was 412 "key already exists" error instead. With the update, any error that you get should be more precise about what actually happened.
Dashboard: Moderation
With the audio being released we have also modified our moderation page to offer you moderation of audio as well.
The moderation for videos is in the same place it was before, and the audio is now in the same place. Just click and choose the media you want to moderate, all on same page.
Other updates
There are many things happening in the back that our different teams were working on. These include small updates on dashboard and some pages or around our API to working on brand new features. Of course this includes some necessary updates such as keeping DB drivers up to date, code around them as well as testing it all out while everything continues to run smoothly.
What is next
Well we mentioned earlier that we have a new integration preparing for you - push to Facebook. The process took a bit more than planned however it is nearly finalized and we can not wait for you to check it out.
Our live video feature is advancing nicely and we are very happy with the progress. There is of course still a bit more to go until we get it ready and available.
We are also about to release the custom controls feature. This is already available as beta release and any day now will be found in our r40.
That is it - for now that is. Make sure to check out our blog as well as to reach out to us if you have any questions to
2022 - January Update
Hi everyone
Happy to share some new information with you.
If you are following our twitter account, you have likely noticed that we will be switching our stable revision to point to the r39. This happens on 1st of February so just few days to it.
The r39 itself is filled with a lot of different features and improvements. Many things not as visual as we would like, however on a day that it all comes together, it will be magic :)
For now, we have some of the updates for you:
  1. We have made some improvements in the moderation page for all your media
  2. The audio part of our service now has the audio push features enabled and working.
  3. An improvement was made to address
    parameter, allowing it to work better.
  4. A new feature we have been working on is also advancing nicely. The Live Video feature.
  5. This was all backed up with many different small and big backend updates that will make everything work smoother, faster and better.
  6. Of course, as it often tends to be, there were some things to fix, and that too has been done.
  7. WordPress plugins have been updated
What you can look to come next
We are going to be adding a new push feature - push to Facebook. This will be another integration that you will be able to push your media to soon.
Live feature, while still being built, we are already happy with what we are seeing and looking forward to soon share more info about it with you.
Want to be part of testing some of the features? Want to suggest some specific feature? Awesome! Our feedback page is the right place to start.
2022 last updates of the 2021
To start it off, we want to wish you a Happy New Year. Some have celebrated, some might have not just yet depending on where you are in the world, however the New Year is always seen as a fresh start.
For us, we have decided to push our as many updates as we could before the start of 2022 so that once back we can continue with the new updates.
That said, here is the info since we last wrote, so that you can quickly see what we have done as the 2022 was closing in on us.
JS SDK Updates
New Trim
The trimming screen is something relatively new, however we got your feedback and we made some changes. At this time the new trimming screen is introduced.
This makes the trim operation same for all themes that you are using. In turn this helps with screenshots and videos and other type of documentations that you had around the trim screen.
To use the new trim screen, just make sure that you are using our latest r39 (or newer in future) and it will be included.
Media Orientation
Another improvement we have added to our system is
. It is designed to help you with the existing orientation parameter to limit orientations that should be used. The design we added with this parameter is that we are checking for the orientation of the media itself.
If you have used the orientation you know that it was checking the orientation of the device. What that means is that you can now lock in device and media orientation.
Loaded Event
We have made some improvements to our events as well. As you know we look to add new features and extend or improve existing. What we want to mention here is the
event that we have now loaded up into recorders as well.
(Media) loaded was quite a great way to know once the video, audio or image have been loaded into the player and are shown. Now the recorders will also fire up this event as soon as they are presented in the page.
Hey CPU, How you doin'?
We like providing you with the best options that you should use. Generally our goal is to have the very same experience regardless of the browser used. In some cases however the underlying feature set is not equally available, so you have to make a choice.
In this specific case, the encoding engine used by Chrome is great for mobile data, however not as great for CPU. For most cases this is fine, however if someone is using older mobile device, that might not be the case. So what can you do? Well we have added
parameter. By setting it up, your recorder will always use the technology that is better for the CPU than the one that is better for the mobile data.
You can see more about it here:
Mobile SDKs
We have many mobile SDKs and we have made various fixes on Android and iOS side across the board as such we will mention only few.
We have added support for Android 12 notification behavior as well as support for Android 12 mic and camera toggle.
Android SDKs and some iOS SDKs also hold a special new feature that we will introduce soon.
With the new features and improvements we also made a lot of updates to bring in some fixes:
  1. The issue where the app would not restore if minimized is fixed
  2. Update addressing possible crash that would happen when playing back video in full screen is fixed
  3. Fix is also released where a crash could happen when sharing SDK logs
Our Demo has also been updated including migration to the new build tools version
Flutter demo
Our Flutter demo has been fitted with the improvements to UI for About Screen and has the color theme fixes added to it.
It was also missing some configuration options for file selector and these are now present.
Our plugin will integrate into your comments and add additional option for video. This is great and works for many, plus it is simple for your developers to hook into and change the code if your own code is different (you have your own code to handle comments).
Now, there is also an option that completely disables our plugin stepping into or adding code related to comments into the page.
Going forward by default we will disable the comments integration so your comments are exactly as you saw them before installing our plugin, yet easily changed afterwards.
We have also moved the Templates Editor outside of the Settings and into its own menu. This came from decision to leave settings as settings and a feature on its own.
We have also introduced Events Editor into our plugin. This makes it very easy for you to add our JS events to your Wordpress pages without adding any codes. This is accomplished utilizing the very well known Wordpress shorttags.
The Events Editor will make it easy for you to create them so check it out and let us know how you like it.
Ninja Forms Integration
The data save format can now be changed through the settings, allowing you to choose how your data will be saved and shown in email or preview.
VideoWalls plugin
Codes that create videowall of mosaic grid design have been cleaned up a bit to make sure that they are separated from the chessboard grid design.
In the process the design also got additional colors added to it making it stand out more on your pages.
* There is no need to make any changes to activate this.
What is next?
Well we suggest to watch for our next updates because we are planning some exciting new things for this new season. Want to be a big part of it? Reach out to us at and let us know what you might want to see next.
2021 October Update
Hello to everyone checking out our changelog entries. We wish you had a productive set of days since our last changelog entry.
Today we have a lot of new things to show and tell about and we hope that you will like them as much as we do.
Audio no longer in beta
YEY!! We have been looking forward to this point in time when our audio feature will be out of beta and officially available.
While nothing beats the video, there are some cases when the audio might be needed instead. The audio recorder supports the themes you had available before (as shown here:
For more, check out our blog post at
Improving dashboard
As you know, we have been working on our dashboard updates for a while now, making small yet helpful changes. As such we have several new changes for you.
Icon colors
We added the ability to add custom icons to the applications in your account, and now they can also have their color changed as well.
This makes it easy to immediately spot the application you are after, or use color tagging for different types of applications.
History support
Going back and forth between the pages is often needed. When needed it might have been a tad difficult to get back to where you were exactly requiring you to do a lot of same clicks yet once again.
Well now we have made some changes that will help with that. If you use the browser Back and Forward buttons, the pages will be shown exactly where you were.
This makes it easy to use the built in browser feature for "walking" through your steps.
We know some of you wanted this and we hope it will be helpful to others as well.
Specific URL
As you will see, with the back and forth being available now, we also have the more specific URLs available.
This makes it easy for you to go to some video and then share the link to it with your colleagues. It can be a link showing one video or multiple videos in the list. The result is that anything you were looking at will be available over the same URL to the person you share it with.
* They will of course still need access to the account.
GIF-onized effects
We have recently released the ability to create a GIF from your videos. This is great for many things, most notably in emails where video playback is not really possible.
Now at the time, it was not possible to combine the other effects with the GIF, it was one or the other. Well this has been changed, and now you can add watermark and other effects to your GIF.
Something in the back
As always there is a lot of different things that we are doing in the back that you can not see. Sometimes you might not even be able to see a difference on your side, still there are many such things that are needed to be done.
To make sure that our audio feature can be out of beta properly we had a large amount of such points to tackle off. Ones most notable are audio transcription and webhooks.
Audio Transcription
Anyone that was testing our Audio beta releases knows that our plans were to follow up with meta profiles. Still it made more sense for us to make sure that we have some support on that front ready for the launch.
As such we have added the audio transcription as it sounded like you will all want and benefit from this feature.
Audio webhooks
Knowing when something happens in the back is always interesting, especially if you do not need to have something running in the back for it. This is where webhooks come in handy.
Webhooks just fire any time there is something to notify your script about, which then runs and always has the data needed to be processed. Nothing less than efficient.
Now, we have some webhooks for audio implementation as well, just like we have for video. There are some new webhooks to add to our system of course, however the most important are there.
Sticky videos
It is great watching a video, so much info can be captured in such a short time. What is even better is if the video can follow you as you scroll down through the page.
Now, that is possible. Just add
parameter and start moving on the page.
As you do, and video is in the way of some text, just move it.
* This is available on r39 and above.
Events Editor
We have made some updates to our Wordpress plugins. Our core plugin has been updated to now include
shortcode support and Event Editor page.
This allows you to easily set up your own code to fire once some event happens.
You have 3 options:
  1. Set up alert type of event - where an alert shows up once the event fires
  2. Set up the event template that is added on page load - allowing you to add your on code and we just output it to the page.
  3. Set up the event template that is fired once the event fires - allowing you to add your own JS code which we fire up once the specific event fires.
The last 2 can be saved as templates allowing you to re-use them as many times as you want by simply specifying the ID.
Chessboard Grid Videowall template
We have on our Github a fresh new version of the Chessboard Grid videowall template. It makes your Videowalls plugin show the same in a more chess related fashion.
At the moment what you will be able to see is that once the video gets played a new will be introduced. The videos will be introduced around the board as if the chess is played and pieces are moving around.
* The moves are random in nature, not true Chess moves, however still interesting to watch.
The video that is played back will also get enlarged so that it is easier to see. If you prefer to have an option between them staying small during playback and big, just let us know.
Techsylvania event
Last yet not least is the Techsylvania event that we are happy to say were part of. Together with many different services, banks and others you could see Pablo from our team explain things about our service.
If you have missed it, make sure to check out our blog as we will be releasing a blog post about it, including the video itself
Looking forward to hearing from you about this update and your thoughts and remember to let us know what it is what you want to see in Ziggeo in future by leaving your note on
2021 - End of August update
Mobile SDK
Hello to all of you utilizing (or reading up on before utilizing) Ziggeo in your every day activities.
We have made additional changes that we are happy to share with you today.
It is August, the month marked as 8th and for its end we have 8 updates that we would like to share with you.
BUG Fixes
No one wants to talk about them, no one likes them yet there they are. Somehow they happen to come out and bite you right when you do not expect it. Good thing though is that as they come in, you can get rid of them.
There was an issue with
screen recording and multi capture
when utilizing Safari. Our engineers sorted it out and now with our r39 (39.3 and up) you can utilize both as smooth as it was intended to.
No code update is needed - except the revision you use.
The second bug that was present was found in our
Android Demo
which has QR code and that could cause the demo app to crash. The same would not affect your application as it was not part of our SDK, rather the demo itself, so no update is needed for your apps.
Still the demo now works as expected and if you did not test it out so far, we welcome you to do so.
By the way, did you know that we have multiple Mobile SDKs available?
You are reading and you see a clock, it might be late, well you are seeing it right that's another 8 :)
bridge plugin for WPForms
has been improved. The improvement helps with the tabs and how they are shown, allowing you to easily see all settings.
It is now also packing an improved way of working with iframes.
We have also
improved our error handling
. This would not be directly visible to you, however it allows our code to better react to different things and through that, offer everyone a better experience.
This improvement also helps our engineers to better discover some things faster, making it easier to improve our system going forward.
As some of you might have noticed our video to GIF feature was creating 2 streams in some cases. We have
improved the GIF creation
so that this no longer happens.
New features
Not sure about you, however those fresh from the oven cookies are always so interesting to me. Sure I am happy to help those cookies that were baked a day ago. Always interested in moving them to safe and secure location with a smile. Still there is just something about that fresh new smell.
With that, lets check out the new things we made since our last update.
Date and Time
settings - Easily change the Data and Time format to match what you are used to. Need to see specific time format? Maybe want to compare with your own times and want more than just date?
All that and more is available through the dashboard options. You can even set which pages to be updated with this setting.
Always transcode
option is now available. It was reported to us as feature request here: - and now it is available.
The short version of this is that in some cases our system might decide to not transcode the video. This would be when the uploaded video meets certain criteria that would allow it to be played back in browsers. While not specifically that it has to be mp4, this is a good rule of thumb that .mp4 files did not need to be transcoded.
This made the original stream and default stream one and the same. Now with this option turned on, you can immediately change and make sure that all new videos always get transcoded.
The eight and final feature that we will mention for now is not something you can directly see, yet it is very important in our eyes.
We have made
various internal improvements on code security and code integration
These updates make certain things required and expected when new codes are pushed out. This means that new updates have to be signed off by specific people after they went through specific workflow. It also means that only few people can push out codes to public servers.
This way we take one step further in our already existing code protection policies.
Not only that, with the same (various) implementations we are also able to watch for and stay alert on additional markers that are interesting to us. An improvement much welcomed by our DevOps team as it gives them a chance to see something before you get to possibly experience it.
We talked about numbers connected to 8, we talked about cookies that we ate - Sorry - cookies that we moved and secured. We talked about bugs and codes we cured and all that is left to do is to ask for a step from you.
Interested in feature or you have a Question? Reach out to our team send your query or your suggestion.
2021- August Mobile SDKs update
Another beautiful day and another set of changes. We are looking to update you shortly after they happen to keep the updates short, yet interesting.
Our updates at this time will be connected to mobile SDKs.
URI Support
As you know there is
function that allows you to upload the files with filepath. This has now been extended to also support URI instead of the filepath.
No other change is required, just feel free to send file path or URI into the function after you update and all will just work.
* This has been added to Android only.
Fullscreen feature for player
We have officially released this feature.
* This has also been added to Android only.
SDK Dependencies update
The SDKs have been updated so that their dependencies are now using the latest versions of the same.
React - a version 17.0.1 (17.0.1)
React Native - a version 0.64.2 (^0.64.2)
* This update was made for Android and iOS SDKs
Custom Camera Screen
Our engineers have been busy as you can likely see already. We do have few more things to note. One is the added video recording function that is utilizing the custom camera screen.
* This update was made for iOS
Multiple modal controllers issue
Some of you might be familiar with the multiple modal controllers and how using them might have caused problems. This has now been fixed.
* This update was made for iOS
Many other things are on their way. Share your features and things that can be improved and see our engineers bring you the same.
Looking for other updates?
There are other updates as well, many are not something you can see - yet - however our engineers did update and release the update for messages, allowing even better experience with better information output during upload stages.
At this time you can try and test our r39.2.
More however is to come, so make sure to join our feedback system, leave your feedback request and catch info when we make a new update.
2021 - Start of August update
Hi everyone,
We are happy to start off August with new updates to our system.
There are several different updates and we will quickly cover all of them.
Parameter updates
has been added to our system with the latest r38
This parameter will help you to pause the video playback by clicking or tapping on the video during playback. This will make it easy to pause the video without needing to find the pause button.
* This parameter goes hand in hand with our existing
has been extended to work for audio embeddings as well. Making our audio more closely following the options offered to our video embeddings.
has also been extended to work on audio embeddings. This will allow you to create a playlist embedding and have the playlist loop through and start from the beginning once it reaches the end.
parameter was working however it was placed in 2nd place with the priority being given to the poster image from our servers. Now this is no longer true and poster image you set in embedding will be used instead as it was designed originally.
Finally we have officially released r38 and are switching to r39 as our new development branch. As you know this means that we have fixed many of the bugs that we were aware in r38 and made a lot of improvements.
We want to thank everyone that was part of the process and invite you to start using r39 to stay directly up to date with our progress as it happens.
Other updates
We have made many other updates around our system. some can not be seen directly and some can.
As you remember we have recently released the ability to add icons to your applications making it easier to quickly distinguish between them. We have updated the same to not require refresh on change, just change and it is immediately enabled and changed.
Our mobile SDK has been drastically reduced in size. Comparing previous size and now, it is much much smaller.
* We will be bringing back some of that size as we release features, however at that time we will have the lighter versions of our SDKs for you to choose what you need. That way the size will still not impact you as you grab the flavor that has what you need.
Integration developers
Some of our updates include additional changes to make it easier for developers creating integrations with Ziggeo into third party services.
So if you are one such developer or interested in bringing Ziggeo to some third party service let us know by reaching out to our with additional details.
You can see more about this here:
Want to get more updates? See some things added? We want it too! Let us know your own thoughts by adding your own feature request at and reach out to our support team if you have any questions that we can assist you with.
2021 - mid July update
We are making a lot of changes to our system. While they are great and are going to allow us to bring many new features, they are not really something we can show you - just yet!
We are however looking to add more of those features that help make your life easier right away and one of such implementations is connected to
Webhooks improvement
Before when you were setting the webhooks up, you would go through "onboarding" steps where you confirm that the URL exists and that it is your URL.
This is great for making sure our system is not used in any bad way, or to put differently, that the webhooks are sent only to the websites where you expect the webhook to be sent / received.
This looked something like so:
{"data"=>{"message"=>"Hi! We're just verifying that the url exists."}
{"data"=>{"validation_code"=>519939, "webhook_id"=>"xxxxxxxx"}}
Now however this data will look like so:
{"data"=>{"ziggeo_validation"=>true, "message"=>"Hi! We're just verifying that the url exists."}
{"data"=>{"ziggeo_validation"=>true, "validation_code"=>519939, "webhook_id"=>"xxxxxxxx"}}
As you can tell right away, the difference is in added
that helps you know and code / prepare more easily for the validation steps and for the actual messages / communication.
  • No update needed unless you want to be aware if the
    is set (and true).
Embedding sizing
We have made many updates to how different elements of our embeddings are reacting on your website. We have removed the need for the streetch family of parameters and your video should be much better presented.
  • No update is needed as long as you are using the latest r38 revision.
Shared accounts invites
It is now going to be even simpler for people you share your app with to join you if they are new to our platform. Before, they were presented with different questions about them, while now we only ask for really needed info.
  • No change is needed on your side, this is automatically applied to new invites.
Multiple file upload on iOS through React Native SDK
Before this was working on Android just fine however under specific circumstances it was not for iOS. This has now been resolved and working properly.
  • Update is needed to the latest React Native SDK
Custom covershots
It was possible to add your own customer covershots to your video, however a bug was present that did not allow this. At this time this has been fixed and you can continue adding your own custom covershots :)
  • Update is needed to latest r38
Dashboard icons
We have made it possible for you to change the icons that we show next to your application. This new option is found under your Manage section right next to setting to set/change the title of your application.
It will make it possible for you to spice up your applications list with some custom icons.
Embedding info cache is actively updated
Before our cache was used to not make as many calls to our servers when info you are after was already downloaded. Now in response to some of our calls such as verified we also get a fresh new info from our servers (without making additional calls for it).
We are now utilizing these events where we get the new / fresh info from our servers to refresh the cached in info.
Custom Trim
The trimming feature was added recently. Shortly we extended it to allow you to set the times for the person recording the video.
This brings two different feature requests from you:
The way you would set up your recorder is with the following parameters:
- This is needed to be set ( as true) to allow trimming. Only if it is true will the other parameters listed here work.
- Defaults to True. When true, the person recording the video is shown the trim screen allowing them to select the trimming start and end points. When set to false, you will be able to set the start and end points through the JS code.
Trimming method:
Your recorder will now show support for
If your recorder is set under a variable called
, you would call it as so:
recorder.trim(start_time_in_seconds, end_time_in_seconds);
Trimming events:
Now, you know the parameters and you know the method yet something might seem to be missing. If you did feel that way, you were right. Luckily it is only the info, so lets start by providing some.
- event that fires once the recorder enters the trimming state. This is when you could for example set the codes to fire with start and end time.
- event that fires after the video has been trimmed. This event will provide you with the start time, end time and also full length of the original video, allowing you to know what exactly was trimmed.
Want to see more info? Let us know by creating new feature requests what seems great to add. Feel free to also reach out to our support at if you need any assistance with the implementation of anything mentioned above.
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