Hi everyone,
We are happy to start off August with new updates to our system.
There are several different updates and we will quickly cover all of them.
Parameter updates
has been added to our system with the latest r38
This parameter will help you to pause the video playback by clicking or tapping on the video during playback. This will make it easy to pause the video without needing to find the pause button.
* This parameter goes hand in hand with our existing
has been extended to work for audio embeddings as well. Making our audio more closely following the options offered to our video embeddings.
has also been extended to work on audio embeddings. This will allow you to create a playlist embedding and have the playlist loop through and start from the beginning once it reaches the end.
parameter was working however it was placed in 2nd place with the priority being given to the poster image from our servers. Now this is no longer true and poster image you set in embedding will be used instead as it was designed originally.
Finally we have officially released r38 and are switching to r39 as our new development branch. As you know this means that we have fixed many of the bugs that we were aware in r38 and made a lot of improvements.
We want to thank everyone that was part of the process and invite you to start using r39 to stay directly up to date with our progress as it happens.
Other updates
We have made many other updates around our system. some can not be seen directly and some can.
As you remember we have recently released the ability to add icons to your applications making it easier to quickly distinguish between them. We have updated the same to not require refresh on change, just change and it is immediately enabled and changed.
Our mobile SDK has been drastically reduced in size. Comparing previous size and now, it is much much smaller.
* We will be bringing back some of that size as we release features, however at that time we will have the lighter versions of our SDKs for you to choose what you need. That way the size will still not impact you as you grab the flavor that has what you need.
Integration developers
Some of our updates include additional changes to make it easier for developers creating integrations with Ziggeo into third party services.
So if you are one such developer or interested in bringing Ziggeo to some third party service let us know by reaching out to our with additional details.
You can see more about this here:
Want to get more updates? See some things added? We want it too! Let us know your own thoughts by adding your own feature request at and reach out to our support team if you have any questions that we can assist you with.