To start it off, we want to wish you a Happy New Year. Some have celebrated, some might have not just yet depending on where you are in the world, however the New Year is always seen as a fresh start.
For us, we have decided to push our as many updates as we could before the start of 2022 so that once back we can continue with the new updates.
That said, here is the info since we last wrote, so that you can quickly see what we have done as the 2022 was closing in on us.
JS SDK Updates
New Trim
The trimming screen is something relatively new, however we got your feedback and we made some changes. At this time the new trimming screen is introduced.
This makes the trim operation same for all themes that you are using. In turn this helps with screenshots and videos and other type of documentations that you had around the trim screen.
To use the new trim screen, just make sure that you are using our latest r39 (or newer in future) and it will be included.
Media Orientation
Another improvement we have added to our system is
. It is designed to help you with the existing orientation parameter to limit orientations that should be used. The design we added with this parameter is that we are checking for the orientation of the media itself.
If you have used the orientation you know that it was checking the orientation of the device. What that means is that you can now lock in device and media orientation.
Loaded Event
We have made some improvements to our events as well. As you know we look to add new features and extend or improve existing. What we want to mention here is the
event that we have now loaded up into recorders as well.
(Media) loaded was quite a great way to know once the video, audio or image have been loaded into the player and are shown. Now the recorders will also fire up this event as soon as they are presented in the page.
Hey CPU, How you doin'?
We like providing you with the best options that you should use. Generally our goal is to have the very same experience regardless of the browser used. In some cases however the underlying feature set is not equally available, so you have to make a choice.
In this specific case, the encoding engine used by Chrome is great for mobile data, however not as great for CPU. For most cases this is fine, however if someone is using older mobile device, that might not be the case. So what can you do? Well we have added
parameter. By setting it up, your recorder will always use the technology that is better for the CPU than the one that is better for the mobile data.
You can see more about it here:
Mobile SDKs
We have many mobile SDKs and we have made various fixes on Android and iOS side across the board as such we will mention only few.
We have added support for Android 12 notification behavior as well as support for Android 12 mic and camera toggle.
Android SDKs and some iOS SDKs also hold a special new feature that we will introduce soon.
With the new features and improvements we also made a lot of updates to bring in some fixes:
  1. The issue where the app would not restore if minimized is fixed
  2. Update addressing possible crash that would happen when playing back video in full screen is fixed
  3. Fix is also released where a crash could happen when sharing SDK logs
Our Demo has also been updated including migration to the new build tools version
Flutter demo
Our Flutter demo has been fitted with the improvements to UI for About Screen and has the color theme fixes added to it.
It was also missing some configuration options for file selector and these are now present.
Our plugin will integrate into your comments and add additional option for video. This is great and works for many, plus it is simple for your developers to hook into and change the code if your own code is different (you have your own code to handle comments).
Now, there is also an option that completely disables our plugin stepping into or adding code related to comments into the page.
Going forward by default we will disable the comments integration so your comments are exactly as you saw them before installing our plugin, yet easily changed afterwards.
We have also moved the Templates Editor outside of the Settings and into its own menu. This came from decision to leave settings as settings and a feature on its own.
We have also introduced Events Editor into our plugin. This makes it very easy for you to add our JS events to your Wordpress pages without adding any codes. This is accomplished utilizing the very well known Wordpress shorttags.
The Events Editor will make it easy for you to create them so check it out and let us know how you like it.
Ninja Forms Integration
The data save format can now be changed through the settings, allowing you to choose how your data will be saved and shown in email or preview.
VideoWalls plugin
Codes that create videowall of mosaic grid design have been cleaned up a bit to make sure that they are separated from the chessboard grid design.
In the process the design also got additional colors added to it making it stand out more on your pages.
* There is no need to make any changes to activate this.
What is next?
Well we suggest to watch for our next updates because we are planning some exciting new things for this new season. Want to be a big part of it? Reach out to us at and let us know what you might want to see next.