Mobile SDK



2021 - End of August update

Hello to all of you utilizing (or reading up on before utilizing) Ziggeo in your every day activities.
We have made additional changes that we are happy to share with you today.
It is August, the month marked as 8th and for its end we have 8 updates that we would like to share with you.
BUG Fixes
No one wants to talk about them, no one likes them yet there they are. Somehow they happen to come out and bite you right when you do not expect it. Good thing though is that as they come in, you can get rid of them.
There was an issue with
screen recording and multi capture
when utilizing Safari. Our engineers sorted it out and now with our r39 (39.3 and up) you can utilize both as smooth as it was intended to.
No code update is needed - except the revision you use.
The second bug that was present was found in our
Android Demo
which has QR code and that could cause the demo app to crash. The same would not affect your application as it was not part of our SDK, rather the demo itself, so no update is needed for your apps.
Still the demo now works as expected and if you did not test it out so far, we welcome you to do so.
By the way, did you know that we have multiple Mobile SDKs available?
You are reading and you see a clock, it might be late, well you are seeing it right that's another 8 :)
bridge plugin for WPForms
has been improved. The improvement helps with the tabs and how they are shown, allowing you to easily see all settings.
It is now also packing an improved way of working with iframes.
We have also
improved our error handling
. This would not be directly visible to you, however it allows our code to better react to different things and through that, offer everyone a better experience.
This improvement also helps our engineers to better discover some things faster, making it easier to improve our system going forward.
As some of you might have noticed our video to GIF feature was creating 2 streams in some cases. We have
improved the GIF creation
so that this no longer happens.
New features
Not sure about you, however those fresh from the oven cookies are always so interesting to me. Sure I am happy to help those cookies that were baked a day ago. Always interested in moving them to safe and secure location with a smile. Still there is just something about that fresh new smell.
With that, lets check out the new things we made since our last update.
Date and Time
settings - Easily change the Data and Time format to match what you are used to. Need to see specific time format? Maybe want to compare with your own times and want more than just date?
All that and more is available through the dashboard options. You can even set which pages to be updated with this setting.
Always transcode
option is now available. It was reported to us as feature request here: - and now it is available.
The short version of this is that in some cases our system might decide to not transcode the video. This would be when the uploaded video meets certain criteria that would allow it to be played back in browsers. While not specifically that it has to be mp4, this is a good rule of thumb that .mp4 files did not need to be transcoded.
This made the original stream and default stream one and the same. Now with this option turned on, you can immediately change and make sure that all new videos always get transcoded.
The eight and final feature that we will mention for now is not something you can directly see, yet it is very important in our eyes.
We have made
various internal improvements on code security and code integration
These updates make certain things required and expected when new codes are pushed out. This means that new updates have to be signed off by specific people after they went through specific workflow. It also means that only few people can push out codes to public servers.
This way we take one step further in our already existing code protection policies.
Not only that, with the same (various) implementations we are also able to watch for and stay alert on additional markers that are interesting to us. An improvement much welcomed by our DevOps team as it gives them a chance to see something before you get to possibly experience it.
We talked about numbers connected to 8, we talked about cookies that we ate - Sorry - cookies that we moved and secured. We talked about bugs and codes we cured and all that is left to do is to ask for a step from you.
Interested in feature or you have a Question? Reach out to our team send your query or your suggestion.