Hi everyone
Happy to share some new information with you.
If you are following our twitter account, you have likely noticed that we will be switching our stable revision to point to the r39. This happens on 1st of February so just few days to it.
The r39 itself is filled with a lot of different features and improvements. Many things not as visual as we would like, however on a day that it all comes together, it will be magic :)
For now, we have some of the updates for you:
  1. We have made some improvements in the moderation page for all your media
  2. The audio part of our service now has the audio push features enabled and working.
  3. An improvement was made to address
    parameter, allowing it to work better.
  4. A new feature we have been working on is also advancing nicely. The Live Video feature.
  5. This was all backed up with many different small and big backend updates that will make everything work smoother, faster and better.
  6. Of course, as it often tends to be, there were some things to fix, and that too has been done.
  7. WordPress plugins have been updated
What you can look to come next
We are going to be adding a new push feature - push to Facebook. This will be another integration that you will be able to push your media to soon.
Live feature, while still being built, we are already happy with what we are seeing and looking forward to soon share more info about it with you.
Want to be part of testing some of the features? Want to suggest some specific feature? Awesome! Our feedback page is the right place to start.