Another beautiful day and another set of changes. We are looking to update you shortly after they happen to keep the updates short, yet interesting.
Our updates at this time will be connected to mobile SDKs.
URI Support
As you know there is
function that allows you to upload the files with filepath. This has now been extended to also support URI instead of the filepath.
No other change is required, just feel free to send file path or URI into the function after you update and all will just work.
* This has been added to Android only.
Fullscreen feature for player
We have officially released this feature.
* This has also been added to Android only.
SDK Dependencies update
The SDKs have been updated so that their dependencies are now using the latest versions of the same.
React - a version 17.0.1 (17.0.1)
React Native - a version 0.64.2 (^0.64.2)
* This update was made for Android and iOS SDKs
Custom Camera Screen
Our engineers have been busy as you can likely see already. We do have few more things to note. One is the added video recording function that is utilizing the custom camera screen.
* This update was made for iOS
Multiple modal controllers issue
Some of you might be familiar with the multiple modal controllers and how using them might have caused problems. This has now been fixed.
* This update was made for iOS
Many other things are on their way. Share your features and things that can be improved and see our engineers bring you the same.
Looking for other updates?
There are other updates as well, many are not something you can see - yet - however our engineers did update and release the update for messages, allowing even better experience with better information output during upload stages.
At this time you can try and test our r39.2.
More however is to come, so make sure to join our feedback system, leave your feedback request and catch info when we make a new update.