We have released a new update to our r38 revision of our JS SDK. This new revision brings some bug fixes and 2 new features.
Some of you have reached out asking us to have a way of trimming out some parts of the video that you are not happy with. This resulted with
Now, this is something that is built into our system and available for anyone to use.
* We have some fixes in line for it based on initial feedback.
<ziggeorecorder ziggeo-allowtrim="true"></ziggeorecorder>
We have also introduced another interesting feature - GIF from the video. Yey! It was opened here: It is now possible to easily grab the GIF and add it into the email or somewhere else making it seem as if the video is playing back.
* This is added through effect profiles and you will see the option already available to you in your dashboard.
The fix that can be seen and is included is related to how our progress bar works. Before, you might have noticed that if your mouse moves away from the position indicator the seeking might stop. At this time it will continue for as long as you are holding down your mouse button.
We will write more on our blog so make sure to check it out here: